Restored And Unrestored Old Gas Pumps

Restored And Unrestored Old Gas Pumps

We Have Something For Every Collector

There are many collectors of various items from the past. If you are a collector of gas pumps, take a look at old gas pumps, what we can offer you.

The demand for old gas pumps started in the eighties of the last century. That is why it is increasingly difficult to find the original gas pumps that began to appear at the beginning of the twentieth century.

However, we try to constantly acquire as many original gas pumps as possible, in order to be able to satisfy a large number of collectors.

Old Gas Pumps

We can offer you completely restored gas pumps. All repairs are carried out by quality craftsmen who restore the pump to its former outstanding condition. When restoring a pump, it is completely disassembled and all its parts are sandblasted to remove every bit of rust that has built up over the years. Each metal part goes to the body shop for processing, which performs a complete repair of everything that is needed, and then the parts are taken to the painter, where they are painted with identical paints that were used in the past. All logos are placed there. If there are any parts that need to be chromed, we send them for electroplating, as well as having the electrician restore all the electrical wiring. In the end, every part goes back to its place and these pumps get their former appearance in full glory.

If you prefer to have a gas pump that shows it was built years ago, we have unrestored gas pumps for you.

No matter what you prefer, you can find it very easily at old gas pumps. You will always find what you want with us.