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Discover Dark academia Aesthetic

How To Perfect The Look

Dark academia is a term used to describe the dark and mysterious feeling that surrounds many universities. It can be seen in the architecture, the clothing, and the accessories of those who attend or work at these institutions. If you want to achieve this look for yourself, read on! At darkacademia.shop we will discuss what dark academia is, and how you can dress like a true academician.

The Dark academia aesthetic is rooted in education and all that it entails, from literary allusions to cultural references. It is a cozy yet sophisticated fashion statement that fuses traditional pieces such as tweed, corduroy and tartan along with elegance and goth elements.


At its core, Dark academia dons the style of those seeking knowledge and wisdom, who carry an air of sophistication about them through their attire – aiming for an old-school nobleman vibe. It celebrates the romanticization of literature and has a “bookish” feel throughout its clothing pieces like velvet robes, cardigans and books carried in hand to further illustrate its depth.

Dark academia is a style and aesthetic that has taken social media by storm in recent years. It’s a pastiche of old-school glamour, including elements such as tweed blazers, dark colors, leather satchels, and scholarly books. The style draws influence from historical eras such as the Victorian era and the Renaissance. Many attribute its rise in popularity to nostalgia for simpler times–times when quality education and thoughtful discussions could be found in cozy libraries or debating societies. Dark academia also references literature from unrequited love stories to macabre gothic novels that evoke a feeling of romance mixed with melancholy. While it may have originated in 19th century England as part of the Pre-Raphaelite movement, Dark academia continues to reinvent itself almost two centuries later with numerous adaptations interpreted by different cultures around the world.