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Stop Phishing Attacks

Detect And Block All Unwanted Sites

In order to detect “fishing”, you no longer have to do all the necessary operations manually. You can now use the phishing detection API.

Identity theft is an increasingly common phenomenon, as is the theft of confidential data and everything else that can negatively affect the work of a company. To protect your company with modern methods, start using APIs that can be very easily integrated with your existing tools that you use to do your work.

This technology is based on artificial intelligence and can provide complete email security. It detects phishing emails and phishing websites very easily, so you and your team have complete cyber security.

Phishing Detection API

Generally, in order to detect a fraud, only one authentication is not enough, it is necessary to have more, and this API has as many as 14 fraud authentications.

To keep your company and your employees running smoothly, you need to prevent them from falling prey to malicious and fraudulent tech support sites. The goal of all these sites is stealing confidential information, stealing money. That’s why this API is ideal for protecting your employees from insecure websites and malicious emails. In addition to detecting unwanted sites, you will also be able to block them very easily, so that your company will be permanently protected from such attacks.

You will be amazed by the seamless operation of this API and you will start working on it very quickly because it is easy to use and fits very well with your infrastructure.

If you want to stop phishing attacks, get the phishing detection API now and be safe from all kinds of attacks.